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Cómo pueden aprovechar los OEM los aceros avanzados de alta resistencia de camiones en sus diseños

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Seminario web sobre como pueden aprovechar los OEM de camiones los aceros avanzados de alta resistencia en sus diseños

¿Cómo pueden aprovechar los OEM de camiones la experiencia de los OEM de automóviles en el uso (y en la ampliación del uso) de los aceros avanzados de alta resistencia (AHSS) en componentes estructurales? Qué aplicaciones de los aceros de alta resistencia tienen sentido ahora en el diseño de camiones ¿Mayor seguridad en caso de colisión? ¿Reducción del peso? ¿Aumento de la capacidad de carga? ¿Reducción de costes gracias al espesor reducido del acero?

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This 45-minute, interactive webinar will focus on challenges facing truck manufacturers:

  • Fuel Economy — how to increase fuel efficiency by using AHSS steels at reduced thicknesses, for both reduced weights and reduced steel costs.
  • Payload — achieve higher carrying capacities by using stronger steels.
  • Safety — leverage AHSS-specific crash stimulations to explore innovative new designs for increased protection for operators, EV batteries, and hydrogen tanks.
  • Driving Performance — select the appropriate AHSS steel to provide you the formability and flangeability needed for new part geometries for increased structural stiffness.
  • Quality — achieve long-lasting and simplified (consolidated) component designs, with high manufacturing repeatability, via advanced AHSS forming simulations.
  • Sustainability (Electrification) — meet the challenges of electric truck platforms with new, AHSS-based component designs.

Join us for insights and inspirations for your projects.


Bruce Wilkinson

Business Development Manager, SSAB

With a degree in mechanical engineering, Bruce has been working in the automotive industry for more than 35 years. Bruce’s career covers sheet metal prototyping, design, technical support, marketing analysis, and business development, with the majority of his time spent within the steel industry serving mobility OEMs.